Hello, doctor, My mother suddenly had a headache and dizziness at 23:45 on February 4th. 120 to Tianjin Second Affiliated Hospital, At 00:25, he was sent to the hospital for initial examination. At 00:55, the first photo was obtained by CT, Judged as cerebral hemorrhage, At this time, there is still consciousness breathing normally, At 01:29, the heart rate decreased and pupils spread. Photo 2 of the doctor’s case report, So I went to the ventilator, Sent to the operating room at about 02:40, The doctor performed drainage operation and continuous infusion, From 01:29 on February 5th to 20:00 on February 6th, one side of the pupil was restored, but on February 6th, it changed to double pupil diffusion. Now, only drainage and continuous infusion are inserted, and no other operations are performed. Now, the ventilator is still used, and urination is normal because I feel that my condition has not improved. Do you want to ask the doctor what other operations can be performed? Human life is a matter of life. Thank you doctors for all kinds of ideas and suggestions!

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