A week before New Year’s Eve, when I was dizzy, I took blood pressure 16690, I had a fever, and then in those days, my blood pressure 150, 140, my heart beat fast, I went to do electrocardiogram, color Doppler ultrasound, myocardial enzyme chest radiograph were normal, and then I went to the doctor’s blood pressure was normal again. In the next few days, my blood pressure at home has been between 130 and 140. In those days, I was dizzy, my heart beat fast, and I was afraid of cold. I still had a little fever I was very anxious. After a few days, I went out to play and came back to measure 120. Then I measured it several times in the next few days. It was also 120. I didn’t faint. I measured it at noon on New Year’s Eve. I was relieved. I watched a movie in the afternoon and went home to bed. I felt a little uncomfortable. I don’t know if I caught a cold or my blood pressure was anxious. My blood pressure was 145.90. I measured it at night and 130.90. I went the next day. The hospital did kidney function urine test B ultrasound is normal in the hospital is also 130.75, but the doctor said that my age this blood pressure is not normal. I am now in the past few days needle-shaped is a little afraid of cold in bed, a little afraid of cold shivering. Wearing clothes outside is nothing but not very sweaty. Blood pressure is 130 to 140. A few days ago, it was still normal. Special anxiety doctor Said I am mainly worried about secondary hypertension and what endocrine problems adrenal problems are particularly afraid but my blood pressure is not high especially much is to ask the doctor is particularly afraid this morning to measure left 132.85104 right 132.80. 80 I also don’t know how to do it need to go to endocrine to see again? Check adrenal ct?

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